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We match your social media profiles and or blogs with brands looking for authentic and creative content. We do not work with any products or services that may be found questionable and do not follow ethical our strict ethical standards. This provides you with a chance to work with brands from all across the nation to drive content, boost your followers and create content your way.

We are not a content broker, we assign content based on our clients goals and your audience. All assignments are “hand selected” to make sure the right people are working on the right project.

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An email alert will arrive signaling that you qualify for a campaign

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You are selected for the campaign based on your audience

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We provide client requested sponsored content requirments

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You create and share content with your audience and get compensated for posting

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Our programs start with brand advisors individually selecting groups based on audience, voice, and engagement. Your influencer group receives their assignment to publish under the pre-determined guidelines set by you to make sure you receive the most value while not limiting the delivery of creative content across the designated social media channels and or blogs.